Circuits and Shields

Circuits and Shields


Today we are going to look at another multiplayer game that has been in development for quite some time. This game is called Circuits and Shields. What can you expect from this new game and what kind of game is it? This is a new MOBA game but it is not simply a clone. The development team has been working hard and studying MOBA games to try and create something unique. This also means a vibrant cast of champions, in the beginning, there will be quite a cast of champions to choose from
Interested in the champions lineup? Check the link below!

What else can you expect from this new MOBA game? Well of course skins and accessories make a comeback. We have no idea yet what these will entail but if you want to gain some free items you should help the developers spread their campaign! There will also be a Kickstarter for this game with an exclusive bonus for the early birds!

What else can you expect from Circuits and Shields?

My whole reason to avoid MOBA games is because of the pay to win components. or buying skins and accessories but this game break that tradition. This is truly a game that I would love to review when it launches. I am hoping to join some fun matches but these kinds of games are not something I played much. I probably won’t be the best player around but I am going to have a lot of fun for sure! I am interested in the champion Max who is a very good boy. This game is still in development but it is a good idea to keep up to date by visiting the home page right now!

We are going to promote Circuit and Shields on Saturday, April 3rd with a giveaway on Reviews by Supersven!

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