Clashing Raimo

Hello everyone,

Have you ever wanted to find a new game that plays like Super Mario Bros? Something that is similar to NES games with short but fun gameplay sessions. I still remember being a young kid and booting up my NES!
I also played the Super Nintendo version but the NES version was perfect.
So, what game is trying to draw a big influence from retro games like Super Mario Bros?

Clashing Raimo is the name, a mix between Super Mario Bros and Crash Bandicoot. As of now, the game is still in a demo version but you can download this demo for free. You will traverse multiple lands to save Lessly who has been kidnapped by an army of rogue robots. There is no waiting for adults to save Lessly, Raimo decides to take matters into his own hands!

Clashing Raimo

What else can you expect from Clashing Raimo?

– Beautiful crafted worlds that mimick the feel of the NES era.
– Collect Ulbees and secret treasures while traversing the levels.
– Punch your way forward through the enemies with the aid from helpful robots!
– Get a special prize at the end of the levels by meeting certain criteria, such as getting a great score and finishing the level as fast as possible.
– Look in every nook and cranny to find secret one-ups.

I am looking forward to playing this game inspired by the classic Super Mario Bros.
You can find the free download right here:
My wife and I will also be making a video review of this game soon. We are also going to promote this game on reviews by Supersven

The promotion for Clashing Raimo will start on Saturday 20 March at 8 PM C.E.T.

The promotion can be found on:

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