Graywalkers Purgatory Kickstarter ad

Hello board game lovers,
Today we are going to once again look at the Greywalkers Purgatory Tabletop role-playing game. This time the actual Kickstarter is live and we need your help to get this tabletop game off the ground. Delivering the best possible board game along with our new system called Weavemaster is our top priority.  What we need is your help to make sure that you get the Tabletop role-playing game that you deserve! You can help us with backing Graywalkers Purgatory and get amazing rewards! If you are looking for a new 5E experience set in a post-apocalyptic world, then this is the tabletop game that you are looking for!

Core book contents!

What are the best rewards for backing this kickstarter?

* There are more rewards associated with these tiers but the mentioned items here are the highlights!

There is a lot of information about this tabletop game and the only way that you can find out more about this is by visiting the Kickstarter page! There are also a lot more tiers than the ones I have mentioned above, if you believe that this could be a great tabletop role-playing game, why don’t you back with 1 dollar? That alone could already help us a great deal! We hope that you enjoy the Graywalkers Purgatory Kickstarter page:

Thank you for reading this and I hope you will help bring this tabletop game to life!

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