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Have you ever wondered if a horror game could also be a racing game? Running or driving in circles while getting jump scares and seeing creepy things running after you? This might seem like a great idea but this would even be harder to accomplish with a multiplayer element in it! As crazy as this idea might sound, there is actually a developer that is attempting to create a racing/horror game! The name of this game is Hunter Hunter, you are a hunter but you are also being hunted! This multiplayer game has you hunting another player while you are also being hunted! Can you end up as the last hunter in this vicious cycle or will you become the hunted in Hunter Hunter?

What else can you expect from Hunter Hunter?

If you are interested in helping Hunter Hunter with some feedback and testing out this unique racing concept, you can find the free download right here: 

I am going to play Hunter Hunter to uncover the story and when multiplayer gets added, I am going to hunt you down! is going to promote Hunter Hunter From Saturday, May 8th starting at 8 PM C.E.T. This promotion will run until Saturday, May 16th, 8 PM C.E.T
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