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I have been looking for a new 3D platformer because I have played a lot of them. I was wondering if there were any good upcoming 3D platformer games. There were a few memorable mentions here and there but today I want to talk about Misc. A Tiny Tale. Currently, the game is still in very early development but the idea looks great! I always like games that make you look small like Supraland.

In this game, you play as Buddy, a robot the size of a bug made from miscellaneous items. Journey through many chapters alongside your best friend Bagboy and his sassy cat and discover an unforgettable story. If you are interested in playing the story already before launch it is possible by visiting this page: https://www.patreon.com/miscatinytale
Before visiting that page you might want to know more information about Misc. A Tiny Tale!

What can you expect from Misc. A Tiny Tale

– Get ready for some classic 3D platforming like we all know and love!
– Great graphics with amazing touches to detail.
– Collect cogs to continue your story by unlocking new chapters.
– Are you ready to meet a unique cast of characters?
– Find challenges that will test the mettle of your skill!
– Explore chapters in a wide array of costumes that you can find in each chapter!
– Collect nuts as you explore the world to spend in the shops that are scattered across the chapters.

For now, you must wait to play the public release on Steam but if you want a private build, you can visit the Patreon Page. I am excited that I get to play as one of the first people. I am very curious as to what Misc. A Tiny Tale has in store for me. If you want to keep up to date, you know what to do, visit their steam page and hit the wishlist button!

Of course, we are going to promote Misc. A Tiny Tale on Reviews by Supersven. We are also planning a video review for the available version of Misc. A Tiny Tale.
The promotion for Misc. A Tiny Tale will start on Saturday 20 March at 8 PM C.E.T.
The promotion can be found on https://www.reviewsbysupersven.com/giveaways

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