Mojito the Cat: Geometric 3D labyrinth


I have been looking at some Android games because quite frankly, I don’t talk about those much. I started to look at some games in the Play Store. Most of these games did not appeal to me at all. Gacha games, battle royale. Nothing that unless it would be name-worthy did not interest me. I found some neat puzzle games but they required a wi-fi connection. After some searching, I finally stumbled upon a wonderful time-consuming puzzle game.

Not only does this game feature a cubicle cat, but the gameplay also reminded me of Captain Toad the Treasure Tracker, which I by chance am replaying at this very moment. If you are not sold by just the means of playing a cat, you most likely want to know what you need to do. If you have ever played games like Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, you know jumping is no option. Roll your way through a maze and solve the puzzle!
Can you cube your way through the maze and solve these complicated puzzles?

What else can you expect from Mojito the Cat?

– Visit six worlds with increasing difficulty, can you gather all the cube stars?
– gathering more cube stars unlocks new skins for Mojito, I want to be a unicorn!
– Never get bored in a waiting room ever again, just boot up some puzzles!
– No jumping allowed, use your brains to solve puzzles without brute force or gravity.
– Two skins are unlocked with coins but you can get free coins by watching short videos! As you get 200 coins every day, you can simply unlock that shark cubicle skin.

What do you think? Ready for some puzzling and trying to unlock all the skin?! I will be writing a demo review as the game is currently in version 0.6. I will also be making a video soon to show off some gameplay to you! For now, you can download the game here, and don’t forget to leave feedback!

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