Nexomon Extinction

In this game, you can actually catch them all!



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Nexomon Extinction
Nexomon Extinction

A new exciting review is awaiting us and this game is a blast, in this review we are going to look at Nexomon Extinction. First things first, what can you expect from this game? Nexomon Extinction is the second game in the Nexomon series but you don’t need to play Nexomon 1 to understand the story. This is a turn-based game with Nexomon, these act like Pokémon but in my opinion, this game is not a rip-off, I even dare to say that Nexomon Extinction is way better than Pokémon! The biggest problem with Pokémon is that you cannot even catch them all without jumping through the strangest hoops and some are almost impossible but in Nexomon Extinction you can catch all 381 Nexomon.

The level scaling is also perfectly balanced and if you want to train some lower-level Nexomon you can create cores, these cores make it so that the Nexomon you are training can gain all experience from a battle without switching out the Nexomon you are training. Next to that the humor in this game is amazing and has just the right amount of fourth-wall breaking, you can almost explore all areas right away from the start. Don’t even get me started about the amazing epic story that you are thrown into, the story is just perfect and has so many unexpected plot twists!

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