Introduction My Friend Pedro is based on the flash browser game by the same name from the year 2014. My Friend Pedro has a different developer as the flash game. The developer Devolver Digital has added many new features to the game.This game is a shoot them up genre. You will need to play
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Introduction to is a racing simulator with many ways to play the game. The game has many different modes to play.There is no career mode yet in the game but the developers are creating this career mode. This doesn’t take away that there are many more ways to enjoy found out
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Introduction to Serious Sam The First Encounter This is a classic game from a long time ago. The story of Serious Sam is a bit weird. It involves time travel and shooting at things. The game follows Serious Sam on his journey to stop Mental.The game does not follow the whole story but only
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Introduction to Katamari Damacy Reroll This game is a remaster from the game called Katamari Damacy from the Playstation2 with upgraded graphics. Katamari Damacy can be translated into English to the words clump spirit. I think this means that your katamari absorbs the soul of everyday items and living beings. There are multiple sequels
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Introduction to island saver Island saver is a first-person shooter but not in the normal sense. You do fight enemies with your gun but it is not the main goal in this game.The main goal is to save the islands that have been polluted by the litterbugs. These nasty creatures have polluted the islands
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Introduction to Doom 2016 Doom 2016 sets the return of the doom marine in wonderful graphics. Doom 2016 is a first-person shooter where you kill demons in the most brutal way. Not only can you shoot the demons to death, you can literally rip them apart, this is called a glory kill (see gameplay). There are many weapons
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Story The story is in development, this is what so far is know about the story.Mankind has gone extinct and the only beings left on earth are machines fuelled by blood. Now that blood is starting to run out on the surface of the earth. The machines are racing to the depths of Hell
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Introduction to grim dawn The first review will be about Grim Dawn. It is a game I have enjoyed for more than 750 hours. Yes indeed it is a huge time sink and it can be a complete grind. I feel like that Grim Dawn is what Diablo 3 should have been. The gameplay
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Introduction What exactly is Battle Chasers Nightwar for game? It is a game based on the comic book series Did you read this comic book? It's on my to-do list. If you didn't, don't worry. This game doesn't expect you to know what happened in the comic books but you will get a
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Introduction to the Hollow Knight review In this review, I will introduce you to the Hollow Knight game. I will tell you about the Hollow Knight story. The gameplay. I will give the pros and cons. A score and I will let you know if it is a game I would recommend. What is Hollow
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Intro to the Evoland 1 Evoland 1 is a game where you collect graphics too upgrade the game. It is a weird way of progression and uses other game styles to fill in the genres. The game expects you to know the other games like Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Grim Dawn. There are
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Introduction to Turok 1 Most people will know Turok from the past ages, from the Nintendo 64 era. Let's take a blast to the past, back to 1997. We are going to cheat a little, since we are going to look at the remastered edition. Let us go back to 2015 and look at the steam
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Mario Party Superstars - Time to visit Space Land!

Super Mario Party - Team mode on normal!

Super Mario Party - Taking the challenge to hard mode!

Mario Party 4 - Time to get high on mini mushrooms!

Lost Kingdoms - Speedrunning the Ruh-arok temple!

Raft co-op with mods - messing around!

Maneater is old news, are you ready for a new full walkthrough of an amazing game?

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Can you guess the game of the week, even with all this destruction? Tonberries are nasty creatures, their special attack removes the damage cap limit! Guess the game for extra entries in the giveaway of the Angry video game nerd bundle!

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