Introduction Today we are going to once again look at Maplestory but this time we are going to look at another aspect of Maplestory, the Reboot server of Maplestory which tries to eliminate the aspect of pay to win and turn Maplestory into a single-player game. If you have not yet read the review on the
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Introduction Today  we are going to review a new genre on Reviews by Superven, we are going to review an MMORPG game called Maplestory. This is a game that I have played on and off for many years. I started as a beta tester! Through the years the game has changed a lot, this game is
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Introduction After having three Duke Nukem reviews, we have finally arrived at the last Duke Nukem review for now. Off course, we wanted the last Duke Nukem review to be a big one! Everyone that knows Duke Nukem has seen the trailer of the original Duke Nukem Forever in 2001. A game that would have been
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Introduction Today we are going to look at an authorized Duke Nukem 3D expansion, this expansion is not talked about a lot, and it was extremely hard to complete the game. There is no version of this game that you can buy or simply run it on your computer. You will need to use a DOS
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Introduction Today we are posting another review on one of Duke Nukem 3D official expansions! Duke Nukem Life is a Beach. This time Duke decides to take a vacation after he has saved the President only to be once again attacked by the invaders! The aliens have decided that the hot climate is great for laying
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Introduction This week we are going to put Duke Nukem in the spotlights on Reviews by Supersven, we are going to start this week off by reviewing one of the Duke Nukem expansions from Duke Nukem 3D called Duke it out in D.C. This game has references to many pop culture movies and series like X-Files.
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Introduction Today, we have a list of the top 10 retro reviews that we enjoyed the most! We will not be looking at the final rating, but rather how much fun we had when we were making the review! The retro games included here are from the retro category and on all kinds of old consoles,
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Introduction Today we are going to review the game called Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition, we do have another Review on Bulletstorm on Reviews by Supersven though! The other review was to answer the question if Duke Nukem belongs in this game. This review however is about the original format featuring Grayson who wants revenge on General
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Introduction The second game this week that we will review is another Japanese themed game. This time we are looking into Verlet Swing, a game which has you swing through the weirdest levels. It starts out fun and playful, but soon it turns out this game has sent you to hell There is no story in
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Introduction Today we are once again delving into the library of Game Boy Advance games! This week I wanted some Japanese themed games and the first game of this week is Kuru Kuru Kururin! In this game, you play as a small animal in a spaceship/helicopter that cannot stop twirling to save the other animals! By
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Introduction Today we are once again delving into the madness of getting lost in a Metroidvania game! We are going to look at the game called Ender Lilies quietus of the Knights but for such a difficult name, we are going to use just Ender Lilies in this review.  If you enjoy Metroidvania games, then Ender
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Introduction Today we are going to dive into the past to prepare for the future! A new Wario Ware game with mini-games is on the way, but let us take a look at the game that started the`Wario Ware series! This game is on the Game Boy Advance, the device of the future that I had
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Duke Nukem Forever 2013 - Full walkthrough

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