Introduction Today we are going to the Gamecube era once again, we have another Mario Party review waiting for you,  This time we will look at Mario Party 4! In the last Mario Party review, Mario Party Superstars, we went into why team mode is important. Mario Party 4 is the first Mario Party that implemented
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Introduction Today we are going back in time to the year of 2002 to review one of the earlier games from Fromsoftware! We all know about Dark Souls and the success of that franchise, But before that, Fromsoftware created other games like Lost Kingdoms! This game is a Card using action RPG, this might be one
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Introduction Metroid Dread was a great success, but this time we will be reviewing the game where most of the mechanics originated from. Samus Returns, this game is only playable on the 3DS. This game is a remake and tried a lot of different things to make Samus returns fun. A lot of mechanics were fine-tuned
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Introduction Today we will be revisiting a game that we reviewed back in January, Raft! This time, however, we played it in co-op and with a boatload of mods! Yes, that pun was intended! What do mods add? How does the co-op work now that it works for us? Do the mods add new game features?
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Introduction A new game that has been recently released is now being reviewed by Reviews by Supersven, Mario Party Superstars! This game wanted to take Mario Party back to the roots, however this time Nintendo messed up big time! Whereas the previous game was great with many mechanics and different game modes, this game does not
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Introduction Today we will look at another game from the October poll that just landed in the second place, Dandy Ace! This game is also on game pass and is also a Roguelike game! However, this game follows mechanics that can also be seen in the game Dead Cells. You will be collecting shards to buy
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Introduction Today we will be reviewing a rogue like deck builder game, the game is called Tainted Grail : Conquest, for the rest of the review I will call it Tainted Grail. If you like games like Slay the Spire or Monster Train, this is a perfect game for you! However, in this game, you can
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Introduction Today we are going to snipe another review! Best Sniper Legacy is both a mobile, and a Nintendo Switch game. We looked at the game when cruising through the Nintendo E-shop and decided it could be a fun but little Indie game. Thus, we bought this game and started playing. In this game, you use
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Introduction Today we will be looking at a review of the poll winner from some time ago, the Mario Party poll. The winner was Super Mario Party! There is also a new Mario Party that was recently released that we are currently playing for a review! Super Mario Party is the first Mario Party for the
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Introduction Today we are going on a journey with Milo the dog. This small indie game has you follow his adventures to stop king old skull, whom he has accidentally awoken. King old skull is hell-bent on taking over the world with his ghost armies, and Milo is the only one who can stop him! This
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Introduction Today we will be reviewing a game that has only been released a month ago, I am Fish! This is a sequel to the game I am Bread from the same studio. What is your goal in this game? Well, you are a fish on land, in a fishbowl. You will need to escape to
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Introduction Today we will be reviewing a different mode of Craftopia, this is a new mode that has been added in a recent update. We will be going into detail what makes creative mode different compared with the regular game mode. The main difference is that you need a different character and also need to create
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Viva Piñata - All Piñata romance dances!

Record of Lodoss War - Searching for the final map secrets!

Halo Reach - Lone Wolf mission

Halo 1 - Pillar of Autumn on Legendary

Halo Wars 1 - the movie!

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs - Epicly failing in co-op mode!

Maneater is old news, are you ready for a new full walkthrough of an amazing game?

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