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Paradox Vector


Are you looking for a good first-person shooter but do you also like completing dungeons? What if I would tell you that there is a first-person shooter that has you clear dungeons? This first-person shooter also has many different weapons to try out and lets you gain new abilities. You will also find new items that will unlock new places. We are talking about Paradox Vector, an MC Escher-style shooter. You are going to lose your way many times, be confused many times but no worries you can always just walk through the wall. That is if you know how! The story features time travel, aliens, and multiple endings!

What else can you expect from Paradox Vector?

– Paradox Vector uses retro-style graphics from when first-person shooters were just invented.
– This First-person shooter is not a puzzle game but an action game with confusing hallways
– Paradox Vector has an open world, you can complete the dungeons in any order you like if you are persistent enough.
-You will face horrible creatures based on Lovecraft literature.
– Fast-paced shooting and aiming, if you are slow, you might not make it.

The people that have been reading my reviews know that Paradox Vector has been reviewed by me, I rated it a 7.9 for the final rating.
You can read the review here if you have not read it yet:
I praised Paradox Vector for the unique vibe it has when exploring the open world.
Paradox Vector does not cost much for a great experience in the first-person shooter genre but if you just want to remember the game for later, you should wishlist Paradox Vector here:

If you are looking to have fun with a unique world that is set in an open world with dungeons and aliens to kill, Paradox Vector is the place to be!
I enjoyed my time with Paradox Vector a lot. Did you know that I made a complete walkthrough?

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