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Today I want to take a look at a new upcoming game that currently has a live demo that you can download for free. If you are interested in horror games that follow the classic roots of Resident Evil then this might be a game worth checking out.

What is this game I am talking about? I am talking about the game Perished Truth. In this game, you wake up on an abandoned island full of unimaginable horrors. Investigate everything that you see to try and find the truth in the hopes that the truth will lead you away from this horrible nightmare. I hope you are ready for jump scares!

You will also meet other survivors along the way but the biggest question then remains. be you friend or foe? Can they help you escape or will they make your life even a bigger hell?

What else can you expect from Perished Truth?

I am looking forward to playing this demo and the full game when it is released I hope I have sparked some interest in this game. You can find the free demo right here: 

Interested in the latest updates? Follow the developer on one of their channels!
Youtube channel:

We are also promoting Perished Truth on
The promotion is life from Saturday, April 3rd to Saturday, April 10th at 8 PM C.E.T

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