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Hello gamers
Today I want to talk about finding the most random games for your mobile phone. For this, I wanted to think of a random word to find a game. This time I decided to search for ants! Lo and behold there is actually a game called Sneaky Ant! Thus, I downloaded the game to see what it is all about, and guess what? It is about an ant who is trying to be sneaky! It is your goal as the black ant to collect points ( I think the dots might be food pellets) and survive in the red ant nest!

What can you expect in the red ant nest?

I feel like I have once again proven that random games can be fun, even though this game is not a major league game. I had quite some fun with this random game that I found by just thinking of one word! Are you ready to sneak around in the fiery red ant’s nest and steal their food pellets?

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