Suicide Guy Deluxe Edition advertisement

Suicide Guy Deluxe Edition advertisement

Hello, gamers,
A slight warning as this game contains Suicide in the name!
Today we will be looking at a game called Suicide Guy Deluxe, despite the name this game is not about committing suicide, technically though. In this game you will need to solve puzzles, the best way to get out of a puzzle is dying, hence the name of the game! This means that you will have to clear escape-room-like puzzles to find a place to let your character die. This all takes place in the dreams of your character who loves drinking beer, all he wants is to wake up and save his beer from falling! this is the deluxe version and includes extra levels!

What esle can you expect from Suicide Guy Deluxe?

Even though this game has an odd name that might scare you off, do not worry about that! This game is a fun physics-based puzzle game. You can expect to see this game release on June 3rd! You can find the steam page right here:

is going to promote Suicide Guy Deluxe by giving away a Steam key. This giveaway will go live on Saturday 22th at 8 PM C.E.T.  This promotion will be live until Saturday 29th PM C.E.T. You can find the giveaways right here:

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