Loot Hero DX Review

Introduction Today we are going to look at a small indie game called Loot Hero DX.  We received this game through Woovit. This is a website where YouTubers can get free keys in exchange for a YouTube video(and a review). Loot Hero DX looked interesting to my wife and I, so we decided to play it! This is a game where you just run left and right to kill enemies while using the loot to upgrade your s...[Read More]

Bouncy Bullets Review

Introduction Today we are going to look at a small indie game that seems like quite some fun! Bouncy Bullets, in this game, you will need to bounce and shoot your way through multiple levels. There are also enemies that will try to stop you on your way to the portal, but do not forget about the many booby traps that will await you! There is no story in this game, thus there is no story section in ...[Read More]

Verlet Swing Review

Introduction The second game this week that we will review is another Japanese themed game. This time we are looking into Verlet Swing, a game which has you swing through the weirdest levels. It starts out fun and playful, but soon it turns out this game has sent you to hell There is no story in this game and the mechanics are quite shallow.  This game would be great for you to play if you ar...[Read More]

Kuru Kuru Kururin Review

Introduction Today we are once again delving into the library of Game Boy Advance games! This week I wanted some Japanese themed games and the first game of this week is Kuru Kuru Kururin! In this game, you play as a small animal in a spaceship/helicopter that cannot stop twirling to save the other animals! By chance, this is also the first game I ever played on the Game Boy Advance. I am interest...[Read More]

Wario Ware Inc Minigame Mania GBA review

Introduction Today we are going to dive into the past to prepare for the future! A new Wario Ware game with mini-games is on the way, but let us take a look at the game that started the`Wario Ware series! This game is on the Game Boy Advance, the device of the future that I had as a kid! I played a lot of Wario Ware Inc as well. I was extremely glad when the Game Boy Advance special edition with l...[Read More]

Super Smash Flash 2 Fan Game Review

Introduction Another fan game is entering the fray, have you ever wanted to play Super Smash Brothers with Sora or Goku? Maybe you are more a fan of Isaac or Ichigo? There is of course one character that everyone needs in their Smash game!Waluigi is back and this time he destroys the assist trophy, no longer is he captured and uses his tennis racket to beat up other characters! Waluigi also likes ...[Read More]

Toybox Turbos Review

Introduction In this racing game, you will need to race against different opponents to earn the trophies for each section. In each section, you can unlock different cars and many have a different theme. All cars are tiny sized and the items in the levels are huge. All the cars that you unlock can only be used in their own trophy section and not in other trophy sections. This game is not too long s...[Read More]

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory review

Introduction Another Kingdom Hearts game has appeared, most likely the Kingdom Hearts franchise will keep going until I am at least 80 years old. Kingdom Hearts Memory of Melody is a great game for newcomers and old-timers that have been playing all the Kingdom Hearts. I have played all the Kingdom Hearts games so far but this was a different genre than the other Kingdom Hearts games. Kingdom Hear...[Read More]

Forager Review

Introduction If you are looking for the perfect game to play when you want to grind and keep on grinding this is the perfect game. Forager will let you grind long while upgrading your weapons and lets you build your own base. While playing you will unlock new islands to discover, the islands usually have a puzzle or maybe even a dungeon. The game features many fun things to do like fishing, mining...[Read More]

Parkasaurus review

Introduction I found this new game called Parkasaurus that is filled with dinosaurs that wear hats. In this game, you will need to build a huge park that is filled with dinosaurs but they can also escape. What would happen if your T-Rex escapes his exhibit? I hope you have hired some security guards to capture that T-Rex. This game is really fun but I have encountered many problems in this game bu...[Read More]

Alpaca Ball: Allstars review

Introduction Are you ready for some silly football fun? Then this is the perfect game for you, during our co-op playthrough I cried from laughing and had water spit out of my nose. This game is the perfect remedy if you need some laughter in your life!The ragdoll physics in this game is so insane, add to those alpaca angels that play football and you have the weirdest football game ever. There is ...[Read More]

Tools Up Review

Introduction Get ready for chaos in the apartment as you need to fix many apartments in a short amount of time. Tools Up is made for multiple people and perfect for some co-op fun. This is a game that can nourish your relationships or destroy them, if someone is feeling bad towards you, they can prevent you from completing the level. Because you will need to work together to paint the house, do th...[Read More]

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