Raft with mods in co-op review

Introduction Today we will be revisiting a game that we reviewed back in January, Raft! This time, however, we played it in co-op and with a boatload of mods! Yes, that pun was intended! What do mods add? How does the co-op work now that it works for us? Do the mods add new game features? Does it make the game more fun? Read this review to find out! The story is still not finished, thus there will...[Read More]

Craftopia – Creative mode review

Introduction Today we will be reviewing a different mode of Craftopia, this is a new mode that has been added in a recent update. We will be going into detail what makes creative mode different compared with the regular game mode. The main difference is that you need a different character and also need to create a new world. The normal mode of Craftopia is not compatible with creative mode. The so...[Read More]

Craftopia Review

Introduction Today we are going to review a survival game that is in early access. I am talking about Craftopia, a game that takes elements and graphics from other games like Breath of the Wild, but not limited to that game. You will encounter many Easter eggs but Craftopia somehow tosses all these elements together to make a great early access game.  There is also a lot of combat elements th...[Read More]

Raft Requested/January poll/Early Access Review

introduction What would you do if you are on an open ocean with only a plastic hook and some garbage? In Raft we are going to explore what your character would do but the best answer is: build a huge boat with plastic and wood if you are creative enough. If you think the ocean is safe, you might want to rethink that because Bruce the shark is going to hunt you down. Raft is a survival game wi...[Read More]

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