Death Rattle- Hell Unleashed Advertisement

Hello, gamers,
A new game has been released on Steam, This game is called  Death Rattle- Hell Unleashed. This game is a souls-like first-person shooter set in the medieval ages. You have a crossbow, this is not your only weapon. You can also cast spells and wreak havoc while destroying the forces of hell! Enjoy a campaign that should take around ten hours of gameplay time. Create new weapons with materials that you have scavenged and upgrade your character!

What can you expect from Death Rattle- Hell Unleashed?

I am looking forward to playing this new souls-like game and smite some demons! Wait, if you kill a demon in hell what happens to them?  Nonetheless, I am excited to try out this new souls-like game with a twist. Can you survive the hordes of hell, or will you just become another dead soul in hell?  You can find the game right here on Steam is going to promote Death Rattle- Hell Unleashed with a giveaway on the website. This is your chance to win the game! The giveaway of Death Rattle- Hell Unleashed begins on June 5th Saturday at 8 PM C.E.T. You can join this giveaway until June 12th Saturday at 8 PM C.E.T.

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