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Medieval Remake
Medieval Remake

In this new review, we are going to visit the grim world of Gallowmere, in this game you play as the would-be hero Sir Daniel Fortesque if only he did not have the worst luck in the world! Zarok is an evil wizard that tried to take over Gallowmere but despite Sir Daniel Fortesque’s failure, the evil wizard was defeated. is the game already over?

We travel 100 years into the future when Zarok returns to try and take over the world once again but this time there are no heroes around to stop Zarok as he summons the undead and steals the souls of the living. Through a twist of fate, Sir Daniel Fortesque is brought back to life, he is the only person that can stop Zarok once and for all but nobody has confidence in him that he can pull it off. The remake has gorgeous graphics and some new features while not striving to far from the original game, some of the new features include more replay value and the dan cam. If you start this game it might be wise to know that this game has old school difficulty, this means that if you die at the end of the level before the exit you will need to restart the whole level, no checkpoints for you! As you cannot level up you need to learn how the game works to get better but it might also help to find better equipment or more life bottles for more health bars!

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