Niravasi Demo Review

I hope my TV does not come to life and kill me when I sleep!

Niravasi Demo Review

Today we are going to do a short review of Niravasi. What is Niravasi about? This game is an upcoming game and the developer is currently running a Kickstarter. Niravasi is made in the RPG maker engine but does not feature leveling up or battles. at least not in the demo, I do not know about the full game. Mura will be sneaking around a forgotten city with mechanical horrors.
Stealth will be needed while you solve puzzles, one encounter with a mechanical creature means the end for you!

The story of Niravasi starts with a rescue mission. Contact has been lost with another team in Niravasi. You play as Mura, an archeologist. When the ship gets close to the city of Niravasi a forcefield activates which makes the ship crash. Everyone seems to be safe and sound. That is until a creature attacks your team, you manage to survive but now you are all alone. Can you survive the horrors of Niravasi?


I rate the story of Niravasi with a 7.5.
The story is fun and I like the creepy atmosphere that this game creates.

This game is made in an RPG maker engine with the 3D plugin. This means the game is a mix between 2D and 3D. Your goal in this game is to find a way into Niravasi. You will have to sneak past mechanical creatures that want to (ex)terminate you.

There are no battles in this demo, you will be solving puzzles while you are also investigating ruins. Slowly more and more mechanical creatures will activate. These mechanical TV-looking creatures are going to try and hunt you down!


I rate the gameplay of Niravasi with a 7.0.
The gameplay seems like a lot of fun and I am interested in what the full game holds.

Sound And Graphics


The graphics are a point that I dislike, even though I am very satisfied with the graphics. The way this game is being made would take a lot of effort from the developer. I feel like it would have been better in the unity engine to make the mechanical horrors look better, nonetheless, the developer did a great job making this in an RPG maker engine.


The sound is very good and I like the creepy atmosphere. This means that there are nice sound effects and creepy music.

I rate the sound and graphics of Niravasi with a 7.0
I like the effort that the developer put into this game, I want to leave room for improvement.

My personal thoughts about Niravasi
This game has a creepy atmosphere. This is not my style of game that I usually like to play but nonetheless, I had fun while playing this demo! This means that the developer did a great job but there is room for improvement!
I would definitely help with the Kickstarter if I had the money!

My personal rating of Niravasi is a 6.7

Last Words

– The main character is a cat, this character also slightly resembles one of our own cats.
– An unique mechanic that is not often used in RPG maker games.
– Niravasi has a horrific tale to tell you.
– There will be many puzzles and secrets for you to find in Niravasi

You need to wait until the full game releases to find out how the story ends.

I would recommend downloading Niravasi, this way you can find out yourself just how creepy this game is! You can find the link here:
The final rating of Niravasi is …drumroll…


Because this is a demo I want to leave room for improvement.
Let me know what you think about this game!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next short review.
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