Beat em up

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs Review

Introduction Today we will be going back in time to review a golden oldie, there might be a new Battletoads but let us first review Battletoads in Battle maniacs! This is a game from the SNES era, even though I royally suck at Beat em up games, I always enjoyed these game! For some reason, the part where I always die, though, is in the hover racing part. Ever seen me try a racing simulator? This g...[Read More]

Dragonbal FighterZ

Introduction Today we are going to review our first Dragonball Z game but of course, there are going to be more Dragonball Z games on Reviews by Supersven! My wife and I have been playing Dragonball fighterZ and we just finished the main story of all the three arcs! In this game, you will be able to choose from your favorite fighter and beat up your favorite enemies! If you do not like Dragonball ...[Read More]

Super Smash Flash 2 Fan Game Review

Introduction Another fan game is entering the fray, have you ever wanted to play Super Smash Brothers with Sora or Goku? Maybe you are more a fan of Isaac or Ichigo? There is of course one character that everyone needs in their Smash game!Waluigi is back and this time he destroys the assist trophy, no longer is he captured and uses his tennis racket to beat up other characters! Waluigi also likes ...[Read More]

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