Suicide Guy Deluxe Edition review

Introduction Today we are going to look at a game called Suicide Guy,¬† don’t fret about the name.¬† This game has you delve into the dreams of a man that drinks loads of beer and eats donuts.¬† While he is falling asleep his beer falls down, you will need to wake up in time to catch your beer.¬† You will need to puzzle your way through dreams that are going to baffle you sometimes. In this edit...[Read More]

Catsperience Developer Requested Review

Introduction Today we are going to launch a new review at the time that the game will release as well. Today on May 18th, 2021, Catsperience will be released! This comes with a new fresh review, for this game we made an exception and posted on Monday! If you have ever wanted to try a cat simulator while solving puzzles, this is the game for you! These puzzles can be really hard but no worries, I h...[Read More]

Dabado Puzzles Requested/Demo Version 0.6 Review

Introduction A new special review is live! Dabado Puzzles will not be playable for the public for a while. Nonetheless, here is the first look at this upcoming puzzle game. Expect a fair challenge in this game with a unique concept! In this game, you will need to collect light and complete puzzles by collecting items in the levels. How do you do this? You can stack blocks on the block with an eye....[Read More]

Pokémon Snap Review

Introduction Today we are going to review a game that has been released recently. New Pokémon Snap has you take pictures of Pokémon in their natural habitat. There are 24 courses and 214 pokémon to photograph. You will have multiple tools to get a special photograph, we are going to dig deeper into the photography system and ratings in the gameplay section. It has been twenty years since the relea...[Read More]

Pikmin 1

Introduction Pikmin 1 is a favorite game of mine. I have played this game over ten times! I will finally be able to do what I always wanted to do, Review this masterpiece from 2001. I first played this game when I was seven years old.You will have to manage Pikmin in the best way possible. The Pikmin are plant like creatures they listen to your orders. When you select a mission the timer will begi...[Read More]

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