Kill It With Fire

Introduction * Please note that this is an older review, hence why it is posted in the old format. ** My computer crashed and I lost my save file, this is why the first level is seen in the video and no full weapon rack. Did you ever feel like spiders are everywhere? They could be hiding under your keyboard, waiting to jump scare you! Did you look? In this game, you are the exterminator and you wi...[Read More]

Raft Requested/January poll/Early Access Review

introduction What would you do if you are on an open ocean with only a plastic hook and some garbage? In Raft we are going to explore what your character would do but the best answer is: build a huge boat with plastic and wood if you are creative enough. If you think the ocean is safe, you might want to rethink that because Bruce the shark is going to hunt you down. Raft is a survival game wi...[Read More]

Sims 4 Review

Introduction In this review, we are going to once again visit the world of the Sims but this time we are going to look at the Sims 4, what are some of the good things in the Sims 4? In the Sims 4, there are a lot more choices available than in the Sims 3 but some of the best features have been scrapped in the Sims 4 like the open world. In Sims 3 you could see what your sim is doing at home and an...[Read More]

Forager Review

Introduction If you are looking for the perfect game to play when you want to grind and keep on grinding this is the perfect game. Forager will let you grind long while upgrading your weapons and lets you build your own base. While playing you will unlock new islands to discover, the islands usually have a puzzle or maybe even a dungeon. The game features many fun things to do like fishing, mining...[Read More]

Parkasaurus review

Introduction I found this new game called Parkasaurus that is filled with dinosaurs that wear hats. In this game, you will need to build a huge park that is filled with dinosaurs but they can also escape. What would happen if your T-Rex escapes his exhibit? I hope you have hired some security guards to capture that T-Rex. This game is really fun but I have encountered many problems in this game bu...[Read More]

The Untitled Goose Game-Double Trouble Review

Introduction What is that noise? HOOOOOONK!! There are two geese and they are hell-bent on destruction in the village! What could these geese possibly want and why are they annoying everyone!?In this game, you play as a goose but for this review we did a full co-op run, get ready for double trouble! Harry and Harriet have broken free (yes indeed, we have named our geese)! This game is a very nice ...[Read More]

The Mims Beginning Review

Introduction A god game has entered the fray but this one is honestly a really bad one. The graphics are quite a letdown and the gameplay is not really good as well. If that is not bad enough, you might think it will still be fun to try out this game!There is no save button and the developers have mentioned the game is too far in development for creating a save button. In this game you will need t...[Read More]

Spore-Dark Injection Review

Introduction Are you ready to revisit some memories of playing Spore? Everyone that I know has played Spore in their past to create their perfect creature! There is no game like Spore on the market, it is a unique game that other games try to emulate but no game can get close to the perfection that Spore is able to emulate. There are many bugs, crashes, and problems in Spore but somehow, we all lo...[Read More]

E.V.O Search for Eden

Introduction Get ready to evolve but what creature will you become? This SNES game works both as an evolving game and a role-playing game. You will gain evolve points that you can use to make your own creature.In each age, you will lose all evolve points and get new options to evolve into. You will start as a fish and can evolve all the way up to a human! You will need to fight to survive this dif...[Read More]

Animal Crossing N64 Review

Introduction Not many people know of the existence of the Animal Forest Nintendo64 game, some people know but this game is in Japanese! Luckily there are multiple ways to get it translated, there are even some newer translations for systems like the Everdrive. I use a semi translated version but it works well enough. There are some glitches like missing a hand icon in the inventory screen or some ...[Read More]

The Sims 3 Review

Introduction Are you bored with your own life or do you want to be that famous person you always wanted to be in your life? Is this impossible for you to achieve in real life? Luckily you can simulate the perfect life you always wanted with the Sims!Get ready to lose time and escape your own life in the Sims 3. Can you believe this game has already been out for eleven years! The graphics still hol...[Read More]

Graveyard Keeper

Introduction In Graveyard Keeper you will need to maintain and restore the graveyard. The game is a simulator mainly inspired by My Time At Portia and Animal Crossing along with many other simulation games. You will become a Graveyard Keeper after you pass away when you are returning home to your love. How you exactly died is not made clear but I think it was a car crash. You are instructed by a m...[Read More]

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