Alpaca Ball Allstars



Alpaca Ball Allstars
Alpaca Ball Allstars

Are you ready for some silly football fun? Then this is the perfect game for you, during our co-op playthrough I cried from laughing and had water spit out of my nose. This game is the perfect remedy if you need some laughter in your life! The ragdoll physics in this game is so insane, add to those alpaca angels that play football and you have the weirdest football game ever. There is even a good campaign with a decent story! As an alpaca, you will need to travel all over the world to become a world-class alpaca ballplayer. You can play the complete game in co-op but it is mentioned by the developer that the game still focuses on player one. You have multiple outfits and skins to choose from for your alpaca. When playing alpaca ball all alpacas smash everyone and the alpaca’s will fly all around but your goal is of course to score as many goals. There are multiple kinds of balls, one is not even a ball but a cube!


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