Spinch review

Introduction In Spinch you are going to learn exactly what not to do with your babies. You are a colorless creature that lives in a world where colors are hunting you and they really want your babies! This is a difficult old school platformer where you need to jump and dash through levels while avoiding the colors that want to kill you. The game has some really difficult levels but also some level...[Read More]

Pikmin 251 Review

Introduction The first in the series of hacked ROM reviews is Pikmin 251! Why did I choose this hack ROM? Pikmin has always been a game I loved very much and I have played Pikmin 1,2 and 3 so many times I was wondering if this hacked ROM version could hold up to high Nintendo’s standards. The answer is very simple gameplay-wise this is just another Pikmin game but some things are harder. This hack...[Read More]

Crypt of the Necrodancer

Introduction Dance to the beat, or attack to the beat. We will be looking at the Crypt of the Necrodancer. It turns out, next to racing I am really bad in rhythmic games, I got my behind handed to me so many times I can’t tell anymore.I thought this was going to be an easy game just like Wizard of Legend but it turns out doing things to the beat is impossible for me. I needed some help with ...[Read More]

Newsletter Week 37

Hello there everybody Let us start with the winners of this week’s website giveaways drumrollthe winner of Hello Neighbor is RayFinn! Congratulations! I hope you’ll enjoy this game.The winner of Ancestors Legacy + soundtrack and digital artbook is Longshade! Congratulations! Make war, not love!The winner of this week’s main giveaway Call of Cthulhu is Javier! Congratulations! Good luck on your fig...[Read More]

E.V.O Search for Eden

Introduction Get ready to evolve but what creature will you become? This SNES game works both as an evolving game and a role-playing game. You will gain evolve points that you can use to make your own creature.In each age, you will lose all evolve points and get new options to evolve into. You will start as a fish and can evolve all the way up to a human! You will need to fight to survive this dif...[Read More]

Paradise Killer Review

Introduction There has been a murder on paradise 24, wait hold up paradise 24? The council members from the syndicate have been murdered in a private room that has been sealed by four holy seals, no one but the council members can enter so who could have murdered them!? Paradise 25 has already been made since a demon possession ten years ago has killed paradise 24 but the murder needs to be solved...[Read More]

In the Deep Deep Cave Review

Introduction We will be looking at a new platformer today only released for on android so far. It is a simple platformer and nothing wild. You will need to maneuver through a Deep Deep Cave, wow this cave is really deep!It is not just a normal cave though there is gold to find here and loads of snakes and bats! You will also encounter deathly booby traps and these will really hurt. Let’s explore t...[Read More]

One Way Heroics Plus Review

Introduction One way heroics plus is a game where you can only walk to the right because on the left is the darkness. If the darkness swallows you then you will be dead. You will need to escape from the darkness and defeat the demon lord. There is something hiding in the darkness but can you figure out what it is? When you get defeated you will have to start over again from the beginning without t...[Read More]

Adventures on the Polluted Islands Review

Introduction Are you up to the task of escaping from a polluted island? The catch here is that you are a crab. An unknown force drops many chemical barrels on your island. Luckily you are one of the few crabs that survive but can you keep It that way?This game is an action-adventure puzzle-solving game.You will have a boomerang to fend off the polluted crabs that attack you. You are able to carry ...[Read More]

Special Announcement

First words there will be a new upcoming reviews category in the news section soon! new GameCube ROM hacked reviews! For the next ten months, each month there will be a review on a hacked GameCube game. What is a hacked ROM? People who love these games so much either overhauled the complete game and changed it. Or there are some simple graphic updates and more. Gamecube ROM hacks are rare and it w...[Read More]

Newsletter Week 36

Hello there everybody, Let us start with the winners of this week’s website giveaways **drumroll**; the winner of Wizard of Legend is B. Congratulations! Can you beat the chaos trials and become the wizard of legend?The winner of Hob is Jon Doe! Congratulations! Transform the world of Hob! It’s your chance. Make it home. The winner of this week’s main giveaway Persona 4 Golden, in celebration of 3...[Read More]

Hello Neighbor Review

Introduction Welcome to this new review of hello neighbor, come and embrace the hell that this game is and lose your sanity. Hello, Neighbor is a horror stealth game where you need to escape the neighbor.The game is very colorful and bright, the concept is great but the execution is so poor that you want to cry. The game is riddled with bugs, vague storytelling, illogical puzzles, and many more pr...[Read More]

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