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A new souls-like game has entered the fray! Many people are saying that this is almost the same as Dark Souls or that it is a love letter to From Software the developers of Dark Souls. I am here to tell you that this game is indeed a souls-like game with a high difficulty setting but if you are going to play this game the same way as Dark Souls you are going to have a hard time. You will need to play this game as if you don’t know Dark Souls or this game will get very rough on you. This game has no level up system so simply grinding a bit and then cake walking the game is not possible. You will need to train your skill and practice the enemy patterns. You do have skills that you can learn but there are barely any skills or items that will improve your defense but there is a special mechanic that lets you turn into stone. This is called hardening, just like a Metapod in Pokemon. We will talk more about this in the gameplay section. This means the enemies, in the beginning, will still kill you in a few hits if you are almost at the end of the game.

You are able to choose from four classes but you will need to unlock them first but this can be achieved pretty early in the game. These classes come in the form of shells and they can be collected before doing any major bosses but you will need to fight one mini-boss. The shell system will be explained more in the gameplay section. The game plays out in Fallgrim where many doomed souls roam freely, your task is to visit the three dungeons that are connected to the hub, and in each dungeon, you will need to defeat a major boss. Instead of tossing many weapons at you, Mortal Shell gives you a few weapons that your character can specialize in and upgrade. There is one ranged weapon called the ballistazooka but you could also use a weapon ability with one of the weapons that fire a ranged attack. Can you complete the three dungeons and ascend, or will you fail as many have before you?

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