Ikenfell Requested Review

Introduction Today I will review a game that has been requested by Don Carlos, I managed to play this game on Game pass before it was removed. I am talking about the game Ikenfell, This game is a strategic based game where you use magic to fight your opponents. There is also a rhythmic element in Ikenfell which you will need to master in order to deal more damage or block incoming attacks. You can...[Read More]

Metroid Fusion Randomizer Review

Introduction Today we are going to review a fan made mode of Metroid Fusion, this is a randomizer that swaps out all the upgrades and abilities in the game.  This also removes the linearity from the game, which is a main flaw from the normal game. You will only get the objective to blow up the planet, you can go about it in any way that you want. I will not write a story section, as this is t...[Read More]

Metroid Fusion Review

Introduction Today we are going to dive back into the past to prepare for the future. Since it has been a while since Metroid 4 was released, also called Metroid Fusion, we are going to review this game to prepare for Metroid 5, Metroid Dread. I have waited almost 20 years for this game to be released! Metroid fusion was released back in 2002. This is a Game Boy Advance game! In this review, we wi...[Read More]

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin Review

Introduction Today we are going to review the second game in the Monster Hunter Stories Franchise, this second game is called the Wings of Ruin. If you have never played the first game in the series this might be a fun game but if you did, this game is a horrible disaster, I would like to call it Monster Hunter Stories 1,5. The story is almost the same and a lot of events have been retconned that ...[Read More]

Monster Hunter Stories 1 review

Introduction Today we are going to review a 3DS title that also has a sequel on the Nintendo Switch, I am talking about the Monster Hunter Stories series! Everyone might know about the normal Monster Hunter games, recently a part two has been released in the Monster Hunter series, but we are going to start with Monster Hunter Stories 1! Are you ready to become best friends with monsties and ride t...[Read More]

Monster Harvest Review

Introduction Today we are going to look at a new farming game, but is it any good or fun to play? The game that I am talking about is called Monster Harvest, we have received a key in trade for a review. In this game you will inherit a farm in planimal point, as this is also a dungeon crawler with Pokémon like battles! Your crops can turn into monsters, livestock or even mounts! In the beginning, ...[Read More]

Well of Souls Review

Introduction Today we are going back in time to review another MMORPG game that has no microtransaction nor is it pay to win. However, this MMORPG is very old, maybe even the first one to exist! It is no longer a massive game with a lot of people, but there is still quite a large community! We are talking about the game Well of Souls, there are even multiple worlds like Castlevania, but we are goi...[Read More]

Warioware get it Together Review

Introduction A new game is being reviewed, Warioware Get it Together.  In this game, you will once again play mini-games that Wario and his friends have created. This game takes you back to the roots of Warioware while also adding new elements, some good and some bad. In this review we will go into the details of what new elements have been added!  What did I think before playing Warioware Get it ...[Read More]

Bouncy Bullets Review

Introduction Today we are going to look at a small indie game that seems like quite some fun! Bouncy Bullets, in this game, you will need to bounce and shoot your way through multiple levels. There are also enemies that will try to stop you on your way to the portal, but do not forget about the many booby traps that will await you! There is no story in this game, thus there is no story section in ...[Read More]

Jurassic World the Game Review

Introduction Today we are going to look at a Mobile game from the developers, these developers make mostly Jurassic World games, mainly two of them. Jurassic World alive and Jurassic World the game, for this review we are going to look at Jurassic World the Game. As this is a mobile game, expect microtransactions and a lot of grinding.  If you love dinosaurs, however, this game has you build ...[Read More]

Maneater Truth Quest review

Introduction After the previous review of Maneater, we decided there is still something else we need to review. The DLC called the Truth Quest, thus In this DLC the narrator will take you on a quest for the truth. Is this DLC worth the price tag, and how much will be added in this DLC? The narrator returns as well with a new story, but something in me says that the narrator may have snapped. Why y...[Read More]

Maneater Review

Introduction Today we are going to review a much anticipated review after a long series of videos on our YouTube channel! This of course comes with the last video for that review, get ready for Maneater, in this review we will be covering the base game only, the DLC will be covered in another review. In this game you play as the shark in the first successful Shark RPG, this is a whole new genre, a...[Read More]

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