Serious Duke 3D Review

Introduction Did you ever wish Duke Nukem 3D was in real 3D style? The game that I am going to review today is the first episode of Duke Nukem 3D in real 3D. This game is called Serious Duke 3D and it is made with the Serious Sam engine, this is also why you need Serious Sam 3 BFE if you want to play this game but I can assure you that this game is worth it! Not only does the game transform the co...[Read More]

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Review

Warning, there are major spoilers in this review! Introduction In this review, we are going to time travel and make things complicated, as they usually are with time travel. Are any of you avid readers interested in how the Einstein Rosen bridge theory works? I have always been interested in time travel and wondered if it possible for humans, traveling through wormholes to different times or undo ...[Read More]

Medieval Remake Review

Introduction In this new review, we are going to visit the grim world of Gallowmere, in this game you play as the would-be hero Sir Daniel Fortesque if only he did not have the worst luck in the world! Zarok is an evil wizard that tried to take over Gallowmere but despite Sir Daniel Fortesque’s failure, the evil wizard was defeated. is the game already over? We travel 100 years into the future whe...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World + Iceborne Review

Introduction Watch out for this roaring review, in this game giant monsters roam the land and you need to kill them (this totally does not upset the life balance at all!). To play the complete game you will need the expansion pack Iceborne, I recommend you to buy the complete set! There are many improvements in this game that make Monster Hunter World one of the best entries in the Monster Hunter ...[Read More]

Super Smash Flash 2 Fan Game Review

Introduction Another fan game is entering the fray, have you ever wanted to play Super Smash Brothers with Sora or Goku? Maybe you are more a fan of Isaac or Ichigo? There is of course one character that everyone needs in their Smash game!Waluigi is back and this time he destroys the assist trophy, no longer is he captured and uses his tennis racket to beat up other characters! Waluigi also likes ...[Read More]

Final Fantasy World Maxima Review

Introduction What would you get if you create a story with all Final Fantasy characters? You will get this gem but it has a lot of flaws in the core mechanics, I liked Final Fantasy World a lot but it has a few core problems.The story is a bit odd but it tries to tie together all of the realms of Final Fantasy, you get to meet characters like Cloud and Squall, usually, they come busting in and sav...[Read More]

Chasm Review

Introduction We are going to dig deep for ore, Chasm is a Metroidvania that plays more like a Castlevania game but nonetheless, I have enjoyed this game a lot. In this game you play as a knight that is sent out to investigate a town, this is where your knight will eventually learn that he is a special person, he is the only one that can save the day! Chasm features a randomly generated world but y...[Read More]

New Super Lucky’s Tale Review

Introduction Another 3D platformer game enters the reviewing fray, A New Super Lucky’s Tale is a very cute looking platformer with loads of collectibles! There is also a neat story that keeps you engaged and there are many different playing styles when entering levels. There are also secret collectibles in this game. In every level you will need to complete missions to open up new levels in that w...[Read More]

Another Metroid 2 Remake (Fan Game)

Introduction If there is any genre that is very popular at the moment it is the Metroidvania genre, in that light, I would like to review a Metroid game but not just any Metroid game! We are going to look at a fan game called Another Metroid 2 Remake, is this game worth playing? A good thing to note is that this version is free to download and play! A complete free Metroid adventure but how well d...[Read More]

Paradox Vector Review

Introduction Another First Person Shooter game will be reviewed, a rare indie with an Mc Escher vibe. This first-person shooter has a small story but the story is better than I had expected, the story even has two different endings! The gameplay of Paradox Vector is really good. There are many glitches and bugs in Paradox Vector but that adds a lot of fun and a good vibe to the game. This adds a n...[Read More]

Toybox Turbos Review

Introduction In this racing game, you will need to race against different opponents to earn the trophies for each section. In each section, you can unlock different cars and many have a different theme. All cars are tiny sized and the items in the levels are huge. All the cars that you unlock can only be used in their own trophy section and not in other trophy sections. This game is not too long s...[Read More]

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory review

Introduction Another Kingdom Hearts game has appeared, most likely the Kingdom Hearts franchise will keep going until I am at least 80 years old. Kingdom Hearts Memory of Melody is a great game for newcomers and old-timers that have been playing all the Kingdom Hearts. I have played all the Kingdom Hearts games so far but this was a different genre than the other Kingdom Hearts games. Kingdom Hear...[Read More]

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