Bee Simulator Review

Introduction Today we are going to look at a buzzing review, do not worry this review won’t sting you but the bees might! Actually they would not, did you know that Bees rarely sting humans or other creatures? This game called Bee simulator will tell you even more fun facts about bees! In this game, you will not just fly around and do stuff, there is even a story line for you to complete! As...[Read More]

Lost Castle Developer requested review

Introduction Today we are going to look at an IOS game called the Lost Castle. This game has a genre that you do not see much on the gaming front of mobiles. You will be dungeon crawling in first person mode while tackling different enemies and scavenging for better equipment! To unlock the better equipment you will need to find keys which, of course, open doors. This most likely also means that y...[Read More]

Bloodborne Review

Introduction A new review is live, but do you have the eyes to see this review? Grant us eyes! If you are into souls-like games and a creepy story line, Bloodborne is exactly what you are looking for! It has already been six years since Bloodborne has been released, and I am still hoping for a Bloodborne 2! In this game you hunt creatures in a foul nightmare where death is not the end but just the...[Read More]

Battle for Antares Review

Introduction Today we are going into space with Battle for Antares! In this game, you will try to conquer the galaxy and eventually Antares! You can choose from different races, whom all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Once you have a planet, you can build an establishment that will make drones for your fleet. Do not forget to grow food for your population! What did I think before playing...[Read More]

Jurassic World Evolution Review

Introduction Today we are going to take a look at a park building game and not just any park building game, this one has dinosaurs! Just like the game Parkasaurus that Reviews by Supersven has reviewed! Unlike Parkasaurus, this game has realistic dinosaurs but ugly sprites when it comes to guests. We are talking about Jurassic World Evolution! Create dinosaurs from fossils and give them a nice hab...[Read More]

The Guardian Review

Introduction Today we are going to look at a game that Reviews by Supersven has even made a trailer for! In this game called The Guardian, you can choose your own class and go on an adventure! Depending on your class, you will have different skills and fighting techniques. When completing levels, you will also gain extra skills to use, like healing. You will need to fight and platform your way thr...[Read More]

Soul of Giga review

Introduction Today we are going to look at a Monster catching game that I have talked about a little while ago. This game is called the Soul of Giga and is a small but charming game where you collect monsters that are called, the Gigas will fight for you. There are not many Gigas available and I did lose my completed save file which is always a bummer! Nonetheless, I had quite some fun in leveling...[Read More]

Castlevania Symphony of the Night winner of the Castlevania poll review

Introduction Today we are going to look at a winner of the Castlevania poll from a long time ago. My wife and I have been trying to play all the poll winners and finally started The Symphony of the Night on the PS4. This game is in the Castlevania Requiem together with the game Rondo of Blood. Even though Symphony of the Night is an old game, we want to see if this game holds up after this many ye...[Read More]

Trials of Mana Remake Review

Introduction Today we will be looking at the sequel of Secret of Mana called the Trials of Mana! This game follows the action role-playing elements of Secret of Mana but improves each and every aspect! As well as the sound and graphics. In this game, the mouths of characters even move when talking! If you like games like Octopath Traveler, you will be right at home with the Trials of Mana as there...[Read More]

Secret of Mana Remake review

Introduction Today we are going to look at a remake of a classic game called Secret of Mana. This game was an amazing masterpiece when I played it as a kid. I did enjoy the Medieval remake, thus I thought this game could be good as well, but boy was I wrong. In this review I am going to dissect the Secret of Mana remake and look at the positive and negative points of this remake!  What did I ...[Read More]

Remnant from the Ashes requested review

Introduction Today we are going to look at the sequel of Chronos Before the Ashes. This game is called Remnant from the Ashes. This game released first, but, I played Chronos Before the Ashes first. The oddest thing is that Chronos Before the Ashes is a great but small souls-like game. Remnant from the Ashes is something completely different, this game is a what I would call a shooter looter but w...[Read More]

Journey to Ecrya Tabletop game review

Introduction Today we are doing a different kind of review than normally, I will be reviewing a roleplaying tabletop called Journey to Ecrya.  This means we are not going to rate the sound in this review as there is no sound in a tabletop game.  Keep in mind that this is a prototype of the board game and that a new review will be made with the official release of Journey to Ecr...[Read More]

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