Megaman X Legacy Collection 1

Introduction Megaman is a long running franchise made by Capcom and Megaman Legacy Collection X-1 is one of the many collections that Capcom has made. In Megaman Legacy Collection X 1 you are Megaman X, a newer model than the original Megaman.Megaman X-1 happens after the original NES titles Megaman Legacy collection. The games are 2D action platformers and many remasters have come and gone. This ...[Read More]

Pikmin 1

Introduction Pikmin 1 is a favorite game of mine. I have played this game over ten times! I will finally be able to do what I always wanted to do, Review this masterpiece from 2001. I first played this game when I was seven years old.You will have to manage Pikmin in the best way possible. The Pikmin are plant like creatures they listen to your orders. When you select a mission the timer will begi...[Read More]

Serious Sam the Random Encounter

Introduction In this game, the battles take place in the same way they do in Final Fantasy but instead of using swords and standing still, you will run backward while holding guns and shooting enemies.Serious Sam the random encounter is not a long game and can be completed in two hours if you play the game casually.You will have different guns in the game to use against the enemies. The enemies an...[Read More]

Poll results from week 24

This week’s poll results are: 1st place: Megaman Legacy Collection X1, with 40% of all the votes.2nd place: Borderlands 1, with 38% of all the votes.3rd place: Age of Wonders 3, with 12% of the votes.4th place: The Mims Beginning, with 10% of the votes.I will write a review on Megaman Legacy Collection X1 with an additional giveaway on the website. Both will be posted on June 21. The new pol...[Read More]

My Friend Pedro

Introduction My Friend Pedro is based on the flash browser game by the same name from the year 2014. My Friend Pedro has a different developer as the flash game. The developer Devolver Digital has added many new features to the game.This game is a shoot them up genre. You will need to play through the story campaign and earn as many points as possible. The highest rank you can get is the S rank. Y...[Read More]

Introduction to is a racing simulator with many ways to play the game. The game has many different modes to play.There is no career mode yet in the game but the developers are creating this career mode. This doesn’t take away that there are many more ways to enjoy found out the game was a big simulator with racing elements. There are only a couple of real r...[Read More]

Serious Sam The First Encounter Review

Introduction to Serious Sam The First Encounter This is a classic game from a long time ago. The story of Serious Sam is a bit weird. It involves time travel and shooting at things. The game follows Serious Sam on his journey to stop Mental.The game does not follow the whole story but only a part of it. This means when you reach the end of the game you will get a cliffhanger. Luckily the second an...[Read More]


Hello, My name is Supersven1234 and I am the owner of Reviews By Supersven. We are a video game blog that gives consumers insight on what’s new in gaming reviews, why the game matters, how the game works, and if you should play it. As avid gamers ourselves, we understand the joy and escape video games provide. With that said, we sympathize with those who are unable to afford that leisure.&nb...[Read More]


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Poll results week 23

These are the poll results of week 23, 2020…The winner is: My Friend Pedro!2nd place goes to: Megaman Collection X13rd place is for: Dirt 4The last place is for: Yooka-Laylee In the upcoming week, I will be playing My Friend Pedro and I will be writing a review afterward about the game. On Sunday, June 14, the review will come online on the website, along with the steam key giveaway of My Fr...[Read More]

Katamari Damacy Reroll

Introduction to Katamari Damacy Reroll This game is a remaster from the game called Katamari Damacy from the Playstation2 with upgraded graphics. Katamari Damacy can be translated into English to the words clump spirit. I think this means that your katamari absorbs the soul of everyday items and living beings. There are multiple sequels to Katamari Damacy but they are not remastered yet. I can gua...[Read More]

Island Saver Review

Introduction to island saver Island saver is a first-person shooter but not in the normal sense. You do fight enemies with your gun but it is not the main goal in this game.The main goal is to save the islands that have been polluted by the litterbugs. These nasty creatures have polluted the islands in extreme ways with plastic, glass, metal cans, and more.On your journey to save the islands, you ...[Read More]

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